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• STUNNING Kellie Breen, featured recently in the south edition, has found a new photographer and a new mood.


And already, these beautiful bromides have bought the Ballyfermot lass catalogue and catwalk work.


Now, however, she wants to raise her profile with a “face of” campaign. And we reckon she’s just the lady to raise an Irish product profile...and a male heartbeat.


We’ll be keeping an eye on her progress...


GABRIEL BARAT, a 15-year-old student at CBS Synge Street, has single-handedly improved the efficiency of computers, particularly gaming computers, with genius-level maths.

Barat has solved a “root” problem that has been plaguing professors — and latterly, hard-pressed PCs — for centuries.


His incredible formula, which vastly improves the 1940s work of H.F. Sandham, allows engineers and programmers to find the root of large and complex numbers.

Local News spots future Hawking

Sandham’s 1940s root formula produces roots (e.g., cube roots and “nth roots”) with anomalies and errors — and takes many lines of painstaking calculation to do so.


Now, however, Gabriel Barat’s new-and-improved formula produces roots correct to any specified number of decimal places. (He has managed a dozen with ease but can go further.) His work will change software, PCs and servers forever.

And a top UCD mathematician confirms that Barat’s work could totally transform the entire field of advanced computing:


“Fast root calculation is crucial, especially in gaming, which uses 3D images,” Professor Gary McGuire, told Local News. He explained that  the “Barat Formula” will save tens of trillions of lines of code — and speed up computers all over the world.  READ MORE IN OUR PRINT EDITION, OUT JANUARY 15