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JAMES CONNOLLY-HERON, Cllr Micheál Mac Donncha and Local News have won a resounding victory against state-sponsored vandals intent on destroying the historic 1916 sites in and around Moore Street.

In issue after issue, starting with our North paper of May 2014 (see right), we have begged, pleaded and argued with a succession of Ministers, TDs and government advisors to preserve the entire east terrace. Fresh from court, Connolly-Heron generously acknowledged  our help: “Many thanks to Local News.”

In 2014, when we pointed out National Monuments boss Terry Allen that a mis-dating error would condemn key buildings — with fast food replacing them — he replied with the now-infamous remark:

“You can’t make an omlette without breaking eggs.”

But now the only

egg is on the faces of the would-
be vandals.
Meanwhile Local News thanks
and congratulates Cumann Gaolta 1916, the Save
16 Moore Street Committee and particularly James Connolly Heron
for their tireless, decade long fight and their wonderful victory.
Local News will now push for their plans to be implemented in full.


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CAMPAIGN • Paul Kelly


PROPHETIC: Our 2014 story
on Prof. Kelly’s warning

           GOOD NEWS


You can see the terrifying detail of how and when this will happen by listening to the Professor’s UCD lecture, which you can find » here on YouTube.

The good news is that Professor Kelly also tells us how to stop this catastrophe.

by Paul Kelly

His solution has been tried in the US, and has worked. He would triage the thousands of SMEs that currently have large property loans. The viable ones would be given a five-year “reprieve” during which repayments would be cut or paused.

Most, he said, would emerge unscathed, and the cost to the taxpayers would be minimal.


Unfortunately, he warns, politicians barely recognize the existence of small and medium size enterpises, let alone bother about their problems: “They [SMEs] don’t hold press conferences, they don’t give out free drink to journalists, they don’t make political contributions.” But, as the Professor warned the Irish public:


“Most of you work there!”


In his prophetic 2014 lecture, Prof. Kelly warned that the
      crisis would hit when the ECB’s Mario Draghi began to do
       a “stress test” on Irish banks.  Draghi would demand a
       cleanup of loan books, with borrowers forced into
        bankruptcy. But ECB enforcers may have to wait in line:


   While some are busy counting votes and doing Dáil deals, vulture funds like Goldman Sachs, Cerberus and CarVal will be smashing in SME doors by the thousand, collecting IOUs bought for a pittance from government-owned AIB and BoI .


Last week we contacted the larger parties and asked them to make SME survival, and vulture-fund protection, an election issue. True to Professor Kelly’s prophesy, we were ignored.


Only AAA/PBPA took us seriously. Bríd Smith pledged to act. And thanks also, Aengus Ó Snodaigh (SF), for your support.


So now only the “New Left” have even a prayer of solving a crisis that Fine Gael, Labour and Fianna Fáil are too dim or distant to recognise, much less tackle. That’s why we need Bríd Smith in the Dáil. Let’s hope we elect fifty more like her.


That way, we’ll have someone on our side of the door, saving our jobs, when the goon squads come calling.

06 South Mar 3 2016 Local jobs threat from loan sell ons.pdf

Our 3-year


THE PROFESSOR who predicted the housing bubble of 2008 has predicted an Irish small business crash — and it’s already started to happen.


This site repeated his warning nearly two years ago. Just before the local elections of May 2014, we said, “VOTE, and make your job the number one election issue.”


We explained that UCD’s Professor Morgan Kelly spotted something that economists, politicians and journalists had ignored: Ireland’s greatest jobs providers — small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) — were up to their necks in debt. His
message: “If they crash,
thousands of jobs will go.”



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