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South Nov 28: When the Sheriff calls

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• General Election countdown


• Ireland’s Auschewitz

• Council killing Leixlip

• Our story to save 1916 site

• STUNNING Kellie Breen, featured recently in the south edition, has found a new photographer and a new mood.


And already, these beautiful bromides have bought the Ballyfermot lass catalogue and catwalk work.


Now, however, she wants to raise her profile with a “face of” campaign. And we reckon she’s just the lady to raise an Irish product profile...and a male heartbeat.


We’ll be keeping an eye on her progress...



NEWS OPINION by Paul Kelly

IT’S NOT about the water any more. On Wednesday we march for justice. We’d like to think that, next time we make a €500 million down-payment on a water system, we might get a clean pipe or two. We’d like to believe that, when we scrap Health Boards for a new super-service, we’d get more than a gaggle of remote, incompetent administrators.

General Election Countdown

We’d like to think that when we “negotiate”  with the IMF, the negotiator will do better than sign us into slavery.

It’s easy to find Reds under the bed, or Greens behind the screen. But where do we find ordinary justice — and the brains and bottle it takes to deliver it ? Not to the current coalition, that’s for sure. They claim progress. They forget who won it for them. You did. You cut corners. You scrimped and saved. You denied yourselves the basics. So when do you get justice?


We have fighters. We have Joe Costello’s scathing brilliance. Shane Ross’s slightly scary prescience. Cllr Tina MacVeigh’s articulateness and pluck. Left or right? Are we so showered with talent that we can afford to choose? All of the above, and many others, have something in common: Left or right, they have brains and bottle.
Give them a chance. Just be sure to ask them to afford each other the same courtesy.